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delaware memorial bridge toll rates

  Vehicle Class# of AxlesToll Amount
Passenger Cars (All Types)
Including:  Motorcycles, Vans, Pick-ups
2 axles$5.00
Passenger Cars (NJ/DE E-ZPass)
All types including: Motorcycles, Vans, Pick-ups
2 axles$4.75
Autos with Trailers1 axles
2 axles
3 axles
Including dual tire pick-up, RVs
2 axles$12.00
Trucks/Buses/ Dual tire RVs2 axles
3 axles
Trucks4 axles
5 axles
6 axles
Specials (over 6 axles)per axle$7.00
Wide Loads/Permit Vehicles$85.00

discount packages

Frequent Traveler Plan:
20 Trips valid for 90 Days
Commuter Plan:
22 Trips valid for 30 Days

These discount programs are tag specific, require enrollment, and apply only to passenger vehicles (2 axle, single tire) with New Jersey E-ZPass® accounts. 

Convoy and Motorcade Guidelines

Any group that intends to travel in mass over the Delaware Memorial Bridge is required to coordinate in advance with the DMB Toll Department. Doing so will help make your group trip safer and avoid excessive toll-plaza delays.

A designated group representative is required to contact the DMB Toll Supervisor (Please call 302.571.6373 or email one to two weeks prior to the motorcade or convoy’s arrival, and provide details including the exact date, time and number of vehicles in the convoy/motorcade. The DMB Toll Supervisor will explain the procedures and provide the necessary forms required to be completed prior to passage.

Payment is expected for all vehicles passing through the Toll Plaza.

To expedite the passage, on date of arrival, vehicles are required to collect in the communal area (see at right) located on the right shoulder as you enter the Plaza. You will then proceed single file Through the lane designated by the DMB Toll Supervisor.

Did You Know?

The Delaware Memorial Bridge recorded its one billionth toll transaction
on December 18, 2012.


For toll questions contact:

Toll Supervisor
P: 302-571-6373



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